West Hell Moon


Throughout my childhood I was given the opportunities to learn instruments such as the piano, the baritone and the cornet. I then progressed onto study music in High School, which is when FADE was formed and I was able to use my music skills for something. Around this point I also took up the guitar. I went onto study Music technology in College and came out with the skills to understand and record music. I am currently studying a degree in Product Design, something I hope to help me improve the products used in music production.
Up to this day I have been using many products that are classed as a musical instrument. My knowledge has vastly increased and WHM is the outcome.
After being with FADE for 5 years, and still continuing with them, I wanted something to the side, something personal that only I had a say in and only I controlled. Something different, but similar at the same time, so that people could relate it to both WHM and FADE. Either way, think what you think and like or hate what you like or hate. It’s all here for free, I am not in it for the money, simply for the love of music and creation. Enjoy.